The Inspiration

When you grow up with Lake Tahoe in your backyard, it makes an impression. So when the time came to launch a cannabis-infused edibles line, you could say we were inspired by the purity and clarity of that incredible lake. Our goal? Handcrafted sweets and confections expertly infused with premium cannabis oil that’s as clear and pure as Tahoe water – edibles for those who appreciate simple things done right.

The Confectioner

About six years ago, a guy named Andy saw a need. People in his Grass Valley, CA community – personal friends and family included – needed medicine for ailments and conditions ranging from inflammation to seizures to insomnia and pain relief. And so the self-taught confectioner gathered his supplies, hit the kitchen and started experimenting. After months of trial and error, and a lot of burnt sugar, Andy nailed his recipes. The result of all that hard work – infused edibles that are as effective as they are delicious – impressed everyone, and word got out fast.

Fast forward to here and now, and Andy is the sweet genius behind Kanji’s edibles. Standing in his new test kitchen, surrounded by premium equipment and a competent team, Andy is miles away from where it all began. So what does it mean to him to have a bigger, better platform to help people feel better?

kanji-cannabis-reno-infused-sweets-and-treats“It’s hard to put into words,” Andy says. “I’ve been given this opportunity to share my passion with the people it will benefit the most, and that’s amazing.”

Nevada is quickly becoming the nation’s leader in cannabis regulation, thanks to a lengthy history of regulation things other places don’t have. The state’s thoughtful, common-sense approach to the cannabis regulation framework means that all Nevada producers are held to standards that ensure consistency and purity. And Kanji is no exception.

Not that Andy would have it any other way. “There are a lot of variables with infused candies,” he says, “and I’m doing everything I can to make every single edible coming out of here is perfectly dosed and delicious.”

Looking Ahead

Kanji is getting started with infused gummies, and we aren’t stopping there. Stay tuned as we roll out all kinds of goodies – simple, effective, and always delicious.